Updates a cluster in a project.

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Last Updated: Feb. 25, 2023

Access Instructions

Install the Google provider package into your Airflow environment.

Import the module into your DAG file and instantiate it with your desired params.


regionRequiredRequired. The Cloud Dataproc region in which to handle the request.
project_idOptional. The ID of the Google Cloud project the cluster belongs to.
cluster_nameRequiredRequired. The cluster name.
clusterRequiredRequired. The changes to the cluster. If a dict is provided, it must be of the same form as the protobuf message Cluster
update_maskRequiredRequired. Specifies the path, relative to Cluster, of the field to update. For example, to change the number of workers in a cluster to 5, the update_mask parameter would be specified as config.worker_config.num_instances, and the PATCH request body would specify the new value. If a dict is provided, it must be of the same form as the protobuf message FieldMask
graceful_decommission_timeoutRequiredOptional. Timeout for graceful YARN decommissioning. Graceful decommissioning allows removing nodes from the cluster without interrupting jobs in progress. Timeout specifies how long to wait for jobs in progress to finish before forcefully removing nodes (and potentially interrupting jobs). Default timeout is 0 (for forceful decommission), and the maximum allowed timeout is 1 day.
request_idOptional. A unique id used to identify the request. If the server receives two UpdateClusterRequest requests with the same id, then the second request will be ignored and the first google.longrunning.Operation created and stored in the backend is returned.
retryA retry object used to retry requests. If None is specified, requests will not be retried.
timeoutThe amount of time, in seconds, to wait for the request to complete. Note that if retry is specified, the timeout applies to each individual attempt.
metadataAdditional metadata that is provided to the method.
gcp_conn_idThe connection ID to use connecting to Google Cloud.
impersonation_chainOptional service account to impersonate using short-term credentials, or chained list of accounts required to get the access_token of the last account in the list, which will be impersonated in the request. If set as a string, the account must grant the originating account the Service Account Token Creator IAM role. If set as a sequence, the identities from the list must grant Service Account Token Creator IAM role to the directly preceding identity, with first account from the list granting this role to the originating account (templated).
deferrableRun operator in the deferrable mode.
polling_interval_secondsTime (seconds) to wait between calls to check the run status.


Updates a cluster in a project.

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