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Waits for a Python callable to return True.

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Last Updated: Jan. 18, 2023

Access Instructions

Install the Apache Airflow provider package into your Airflow environment.

Import the module into your DAG file and instantiate it with your desired params.


python_callableRequiredA reference to an object that is callable
op_kwargsa dictionary of keyword arguments that will get unpacked in your function
op_argsa list of positional arguments that will get unpacked when calling your callable
templates_dicta dictionary where the values are templates that will get templated by the Airflow engine sometime between __init__ and execute takes place and are made available in your callable’s context after the template has been applied.


Waits for a Python callable to return True.

User could put input argument in templates_dict e.g templates_dict = {'start_ds': 1970} and access the argument by calling kwargs['templates_dict']['start_ds'] in the callable

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