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An Apache Airflow provider for Hex

Last Published
Jan. 9, 2023
Quick Install

Hex Airflow Provider

Provides an Airflow Operator and Hook to trigger Hex project runs.

This Airflow Provider Package provides Hooks and Operators for interacting with the Hex API.


  • Airflow >=2.2
  • Hex API Token

Initial Setup

Install the package.

pip install airflow-provider-hex

After creating a Hex API token, set up your Airflow Connection Credentials in the Airflow UI.

Connection Setup

  • Connection ID: hex_default
  • Connection Type: Hex Connection
  • Host: https://app.hex.tech
  • Hex API Token: your-token-here


The airflow_provider_hex.operators.hex.HexRunProjectOperator Operator runs Hex Projects, either synchronously or asynchronously.

In the synchronous mode, the Operator will start a Hex Project run and then poll the run until either an error or success status is returned, or until the poll timeout. If the timeout occurs, the default behaviour is to attempt to cancel the run.

In the asynchronous mode, the Operator will request that a Hex Project is run, but will not poll for completion. This can be useful for long-running projects.

The operator accepts inputs in the form of a dictionary. These can be used to override existing input elements in your Hex project.

You may also optionally include notifications for a particular run. See the Hex API documentation for details.


The airflow_provider_hex.hooks.hex.HexHook provides a low-level interface to the Hex API.

These can be useful for testing and development, as they provide both a generic run method which sends an authenticated request to the Hex API, as well as implementations of the run method that provide access to specific endpoints.


A simplified example DAG demonstrates how to use the Airflow Operator

from airflow_provider_hex.operators.hex import HexRunProjectOperator
PROJ_ID = 'abcdef-ghijkl-mnopq'
notifications: list[NotificationDetails] = [
"type": "SUCCESS",
"includeSuccessScreenshot": True,
"slackChannelIds": ["HEX666SQG"],
"userIds": [],
"groupIds": [],
sync_run = HexRunProjectOperator(