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An Apache Airflow provider for Apache Kafka

Last Published
Feb. 3, 2023
Quick Install

Kafka Airflow Provider


This package has been deprecated after being accepted to OSS Airflow. Please use apache-airflow[apache.kafka] instead if you're looking for a supported kafka provider.

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An airflow provider to:

  • interact with kafka clusters
  • read from topics
  • write to topics
  • wait for specific messages to arrive to a topic

This package currently contains

3 hooks (airflow_provider_kafka.hooks) :

  • admin_client.KafkaAdminClientHook - a hook to work against the actual kafka admin client
  • consumer.KafkaConsumerHook - a hook that creates a consumer and provides it for interaction
  • producer.KafkaProducerHook - a hook that creates a producer and provides it for interaction

4 operators (airflow_provider_kafka.operators) :

  • await_message.AwaitKafkaMessageOperator - a deferable operator (sensor) that awaits to encounter a message in the log before triggering down stream tasks.
  • consume_from_topic.ConsumeFromTopicOperator - an operator that reads from a topic and applies a function to each message fetched.
  • produce_to_topic.ProduceToTopicOperator - an operator that uses a iterable to produce messages as key/value pairs to a kafka topic.
  • event_triggers_function.EventTriggersFunctionOperator - an operator that listens for messages on the topic and then triggers a downstream function before going back to listening.

1 trigger airflow_provider_kafka.triggers :

  • await_message.AwaitMessageTrigger

Quick start

pip install airflow-provider-kafka

Example usages :


Why confluent kafka and not (other library) ? A few reasons: the confluent-kafka library is guaranteed to be 1:1 functional with librdkafka, is faster, and is maintained by a company with a commercial stake in ensuring the continued quality and upkeep of it as a product.

Why not release this into airflow directly ? I could probably make the PR and get it through, but the airflow code base is getting huge and I don't want to burden the maintainers with code that they don't own for maintenance. Also there's been multiple attempts to get a Kafka provider in before and this is just faster.

Why is most of the configuration handled in a dict ? Because that's how confluent-kafka does it. I'd rather maintain interfaces that people already using kafka are comfortable with as a starting point - I'm happy to add more options/ interfaces in later but would prefer to be thoughtful about it to ensure that there difference between these operators and the actual client interface are minimal.

How performant is this ? Look we're not replacing native consumer/producer applications with this - but if you have some light/medium weight batch processes you need to run against a Kafka cluster, this should get you started while you figure out if you need to scale up into something

Local Development

Getting started:

  1. pip install angreal && angreal dev-setup
angreal 2.0.3
-h, --help Print help information
-v, --verbose verbose level, (may be used multiple times for more verbosity)
-V, --version Print version information
demo-clean shut down services and remove files
demo-start start services for example dags
demo-stop stop services for example dags
dev-setup setup a development environment
help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
init Initialize an Angreal template from source.
lint lint our project
run-tests run our test suite. default is unit tests only
static-tests run static analyses on our project

Setup on M1 Mac

Installing on M1 chip means a brew install of the librdkafka library before you can pip install confluent-kafka

brew install librdkafka
export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/opt/homebrew/Cellar/librdkafka/1.8.2/include
export LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/homebrew/Cellar/librdkafka/1.8.2/lib
pip install confluent-kafka