Fivetran Async Extract

Removes need for seed steps from dbt core example projects. The same csv's are stored in GCS and this DAG copies them to Snowflake.



Last Updated: Jan. 9, 2023

Run this DAG

1. Install the Astronomer CLI:Skip if you already have our CLI

2. Download the repository:

3. Navigate to where the repository was cloned and start the DAG:

Fivetran - dbt - Snowflake Pipeline

This is a modified version of the airflow-dbt-blog repository created by Chris Hronek at Astronomer. The main modifications are the use of OpenLineage and the dbt-ol command, and the use of a (for now) custom version of the FivetranOperator and FivetranOperatorAsync. Together, this provides an example use case for generating lineage across Fivetran and dbt into a Snowflake warehouse.


To use this repo, create a .env file with the following entries:

  • ENV
  • OPENLINEAGE_URL # if not running on the Astro platform
  • OPENLINEAGE_API_KEY # if not running on the Astro platform
  • OPENLINEAGE_NAMESPACE # if not running on the Astro platform

If you are not using an Airflow secrets backend, ensure you have credentials properly set up for whichever backend your Fivetran pipeline ingests data from.

Start the project locally with astro dev start, provided you have the Astro CLI installed, and enable the DAGs. Manually trigger the unscheduled manifest DAG, then manually trigger or wait for the scheduled run of the extract DAG.